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MVR Steam Compressor HDSR-WN SERIES
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Specification of MVR Steam Compressor HDSR-WN SERIES

HDSR-WN with a series of steam compressors (SS304, SS316L, SS2205) is a core component of the MVR system and increases enthalphy from secondary steam through compression from secondary steam.

Through accurate calculations, accurate balance between investment and yield ratios, our design can achieve economical processing capacity in the evaporation system, with full utilization of our tool functions, and achieving the best performance curve.

Main Characteristics:

1. Adapting the design with the most advanced aerodynamic technology and with CNC machines to achieve high accuracy, long service life and easy maintenance.

2. Adapting SS304, SS316L, SS2205 materials using mechanical sealing to avoid leakage, anti-corrosion, high efficiency and energy savings

3. Compressor bodies are isolated from atmospheric conditions to avoid dust, droplets and other impurities that may be carried into steam.

4. Steam compressor is isolated from the oil tank to avoid dirt from oil lubrication.

5. Individual cooling system to ensure continuous operation.

6. Design according to order for each application to achieve a high level of efficiency

Steam compressors are generally used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, chemicals, sewage treatment, desalination and other industries

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